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Good evening fellow Absintheurs!

My name is Alain Diable. You can call me Alain.
You may know me as a frequent visitor of the Moulin Vert, the notorious Absinthe bar of Montmartre. But I want make sure you know that I am also a sexual dynamo, a promoter of all things bohemian, a hater of the bourgeoisie and an devoted ALANDIA Absintheur!

Last weekend I was invited to join the jury of the Absinthe Fair Absinthiades in Pontarlier. On this event the best French Absinthes are awarded by a group of experienced Absintheurs. My favorite was Absinthe Partisane, a Pontarlienne Absinthe with a very nice wormwood bouquet. The patch is limited to 1000 bottles, so I already filled my stock and took some bottles home to Paris... ;-) Here is my little review,

Au revoir mes amis,

Alain Diable

Absinthe Partisane Characteristics:

Name: ALANDIAs Partisane Vintage 2004
Country: Pontarlier, France
Production Method: Distillation in copper alembics
Alcohol: 65%
Color: Natural yellow green
Smell: Anise and wormwood
Taste: Strong wormwood taste with a note of caramel and nutmeg
Louche: Greenish white
Awards : Silver Spoon on the Absinthiades 2005, Bronze Spoon on the Absinthiades 2006

Absinthe History:

ALANDIAs Partisane Absinthe is made from the 2004 wormwood harvest from Pontarlier. The 2004 patch was distilled by a local experienced distillery in cooperation with ALANDIA. The patch is limited to 1000 bottles. Therefore each bottle is unique and due to the natural limit of the 2004 harvest this Absinthe will not be available at any point later. The recipe is based on only a few herbs to set the focus on the Absinthe bouquet. You will experience a strong Absinthe with a note of caramel and nutmeg.

Partisane won the silver medal on the Absinthe fair Absinthiades 2005 and the bronze medal in 2006 in Pontarlier, France.

We recommend to serve Partisane with two sugar cubes and two parts cold water.

Partisane Absinthe Labels

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Partisane Absinthe Labels
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